Your spare room is overflowing, your garage is full – and yet your fabulous collection just keeps on growing. Does this sound like you?

If you are an avid collector, you’ll know the importance of having a dedicated space to keep your valued possessions. Even more so if you have room to showcase them on shelves and in display cabinets.

But how many of us really have room to spare in our homes? Any extra inches are likely to be prioritised as playrooms, a home office, or a dressing room before a display room. Which is why more and more collectors are turning to the convenience of having their own self-storage room.

Collections you can keep in self-storage

It may be true that self-storage is not suitable to home every kind of collection. But to be honest, we are hard pressed to think of many that can’t find a place in a secure, dry, indoor room that offers lighting, Wi-Fi and as much space as you want, all at low-cost rates.

Here’s just some of the collectibles you could keep here in your storage unit.

Vinyl collection

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to collect old records. Nostalgia for the time when you first heard the original – or for true music fans, the different quality to the sound. But it’s not just older collectors who love vinyl; records are fast becoming popular again among younger collectors too. It’s not even always about the music – the original record sleeves are prized as art, sometimes even more than the record itself.

Antique china

China is another top collectible that has recently had a resurgence in popularity. While many people have the advantage of inheriting a set of teacups from a grandparent, it’s rare to find a full service that’s both complete and chip free, which has led to a trend in mismatched services being put to use as a form of home décor. However, a collector won’t want to be eating from their treasured china set. It’s more likely to be carefully wrapped and stored in strong sided boxes, or on display in cabinets.

Fan memorabilia

You may be a sports fan or have a favourite band. Whichever is your hobby, you’ll know how valuable an autographed piece of memorabilia is – whether it’s a signed football or an original costume worn on stage. As with most collectibles though, the value improves with age. So, you’ll want to store your items carefully in a place where they will be safe from damp, rodents, and any other disturbances.

Original electronics

When everything today is mass produced, it’s hard to imagine that an original computer may well be worth a small fortune. But better-preserved items, especially those that are still in their boxes, might be increasingly rare and valuable as the years go by. The original 1st generation Apple iPod sells for thousands of pounds – more so if it’s still in the original packaging – while the original Apple-1, first sold in 1976, has been known to fetch up $375,000 at auction. So, if you have some antique hardware gathering dust in your attic, it may be time to give it a little clean and store it more carefully.

Secure self-storage space for your personal collection

Not every collection is about the value though. Many of us are just in it for the fun, or love of a particular hobby. From building up our own personal library of books or comics to satisfying our inner child with rare toys, collecting brings much satisfaction and pleasure.

Whether you are collecting for love or money, you’ll want to keep your collectibles safe and secure. With a self-storage room you’ll have space for shelving, display cabinets and storage boxes – and there’s no chance of small hands or the family dog knocking everything over either.

If you’d like to talk about your self-storage options, get in touch today on 01527 67921. We’ll take time to discuss exactly what you need so you have the right amount of space from the start.