Personal Storage


It is incredible just how much stuff we manage to fit in to our homes, but at some point, or another we need to get organised. Whether you are having a good old-fashioned spring clean or a house clearance, StoreMe can help you declutter in days rather than weeks by offering you safe secure storage of your surplus items away from the home.

Moving House

StoreMe knows that moving home is not easy, which is why we offer a range of flexible storage solutions to help make your house move hassle-free. Whether you’re decluttering before you move or you find yourself “between houses”, we can look after your belongings whilst you concentrate on the house move. Or maybe you are downsizing, moving in with someone, or your current furniture just won’t fit in your new home, simply store it with us until you have moved and then decide whether to keep it or sell it on.

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Are you planning on making some home improvements? It can be difficult to know what to do with all your furniture while you carry them out. StoreMe have the answer; Whether you’re doing some renovations or looking after some family furniture, we can provide you with a clean, dry and secure place to keep your furniture well looked after until you need it back again.

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Life Event Storage

Throughout life we experience major changes which often involve making some considerable upheavals at home. Whether you’re moving in together for the first time, expecting a child or retiring we’ve got somewhere to keep your belongings safe when there simply isn’t room at home! Imagine returning your spare room into a bedroom

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Secure Storage

StoreMe provides a wide range of storage sizes to suit any personal storage requirement. You will be provided with a private, clean and dry environment for your belongings. Our storage units are monitored by 24 hour CCTV surveillance and utilise secure access control systems to make sure that only authorised customers can gain access on site.

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Do you need somewhere to store your worldly possessions over the holidays or between student houses? We’ve got a range of student friendly storage options where you can keep your stuff clean, dry and secure whilst you concentrate on making the most of your time off!

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With a wide range of different self storage room sizes you can rest assured that you’ll find a space that meets your requirements and you wan’t find a space that meets your requirements and you won’t find yourself paying for storage that you don’t need!